Home Owners

Southern Insurance Associates offers a variety of homeowners policies for all types of homes, including vacation homes.

Additional coverage is also available:

  • Valuable Property Insurance
    While your homeowners policy can protect your overall property, some items are valuable enough to be singled out for special coverage.
  • Personal Umbrella Coverage
    Personal umbrella coverage provides an additional layer of personal liability protection over and above the coverage provided by homeowners, automobile, or other personal policies.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is affordable, easy to get, and a smart decision for any renter. For as little as 50 cents a day you can cover $20,000 worth of items that are important to you such as your TV, computers, furniture, clothing and more. Renters insurance offers protection that your landlord’s policy doesn’t. If you rent your house or apartment, renters insurance gives important protection for you and your possessions in the case of certain accidents, crimes, or unforeseen damage.

Renters insurance provides coverage not only for your belongings but also for other people’s injuries or damages in your home or apartment for which you are liable. With renters insurance, your personal property can be insured for losses due to: forced-entry theft, fire, smoke, vandalism, water damage, lightening, and more.