Dorm and Campus Safety

The summer is coming to a close. Schooling and students are getting geared up for the upcoming school year. This also means this past year's seniors are now college freshmen. For most this means moving out of Mom and Dad’s home and into the dorm. Dorm life is new and exciting. However, there are some dangers that come with living communally.

People come in and out of dorms at all hours of the day and night making it hard to know who belongs and who doesn't. Although college campuses may feel like an intrinsically safe environment, statistics show a different picture. One out of every one thousand students will be affected by violent crime. While twenty-two out of every one thousand will be affected by property crime. College is the first time many young people are expected to make decisions and live outside their family’s home. Most would agree this can often be a steep learning curve for most students. In this article we will discuss campus life and certain precautions that students can take to protect themselves and their peers.

Keeping Your Dorm Room Safe

A dorm room is much like an apartment. Those living in a dorm life in close proximity to many other students. This can be a huge change to many moving out of their parents house. Some may have to adjust to sharing a room with another student or even sharing a bathroom with many students in their hall.

Lock up your Stuff

Sharing a communal space means that others have easier access to your items. Take extra care to consider your belongings and how you store them. Instead of leaving your valuable jewelry on your bedside table consider purchasing a small safe or locking jewelry box. Make sure to hide this in your room instead of leaving it in an open place.

Lock your Dorm Room

Always, make sure to lock your dorm room. This protects your other valuables that cannot fit in a safe like your laptop, expensive clothing items, and other personal belongings. Prescriptions are another item that should not be left out in the open in your dorm room. Leave your prescriptions in a hidden area or in your safe. Keeping an inventory of your valuables that includes descriptions, pictures, and estimates of the item’s value will be valuable information for campus police in the case that you are the victim of theft.

Buy Insurance

Another great way to protect your dorm room is to purchase dorm insurance. Before you purchase additional coverage check with your insurance agent to see if your parents homeowners policy covers your valuables at no additional cost. If not, ask your agent about College Student Insurance.

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

Personal safety is another very important subject to become familiar with before starting your dorm life. Being alert to certain dangers can make all the difference. Here are some of the things you can do to protect yourself.

Buddy System

Share your phone number with your roommate and any others that you know and trust on campus. Your RA is a resource that you should absolutely take advantage of. Make sure to have their phone number and any other campus security officers.

Make sure to communicate with someone if you are going somewhere alone or if possible take a friend along with you. Always let your roommate know if you have a friend coming over. Lock your door even when you're in your room.

Ride Sharing

Stay vigilant when utilizing ride sharing apps. As always don’t go alone unless absolutely necessary and always share your location with someone you trust.

Personal Safety Devices

Consider purchasing a personal safety device. These devices come in a wide variety that can fit almost anyone's needs. A self defense keychain or even smart jewelry can make a difference in ensuring your safety. Many of the items are small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

College years can be a ton of fun and some of these fun times do involve drinking. Drinking however can be very dangerous in multiple ways. Familiarize yourself with the dangers of drinking. Drinking can cause a wide range of dangerous mental and physical effects. If you are of legal drinking age, always drink in moderation and never drive.

We hope this article gave you some basic information on how to have an enjoyable and productive college experience. We hope that all of the students headed back to school this year stay safe and don’t forget to study! If you have questions on dorm and campus safety contact your campus security office for additional information more specific to your school. As always, thanks for reading!

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