Summer Hazards: Trampolines and Pools

Summer is just around the corner! Summer brings sunshine and many outdoor activities. However exhilarating summer fun can be they also bring some unfortunate dangers that everyone should be aware of. Two of the most popular at home summer activities for children are swimming pools and trampolines. What are the risks associated with them and how can you make sure that you’re properly insured for these two activities? In this article we will discuss proper insurance for swimming pools and trampolines.


Does your homeowners insurance cover a trampoline? In fact, most homeowners insurance does not cover trampolines. They are considered to be too high of a liability risk by most carriers. Some companies may insure your trampoline if you have the right safety equipment and put safety precautions in place. If you have a trampoline you will definitely want to make sure your insurance covers it.

Trampolines can be very dangerous even for an experienced athlete like a gymnast. If someone is hurt on your trampoline you could be liable for expensive medical costs and lawsuits. If you own or are considering purchasing a trampoline ensure you are covered for personal injury liability and medical expense coverage.

Do you really need to let your insurance company know you have a trampoline? Absolutely. Firstly, you want to ensure your trampoline is covered under your policy. Second, if you don’t inform your insurance company your policy could be cancelled due to misrepresentation.

You may be wondering, “what’s the big deal”? Insurance companies classify many outdoor recreational equipment such as pools, swing sets, and trampolines as an “attractive nuisance”. This is a fancy way of saying something that is attractive to a child but could cause them potential harm. If you own this “attractive nuisance” then you are held liable for any injuries that someone sustains on your property.

Swimming Pools

Just like a trampoline, pools are considered an “attractive nuisance” and homeowners are liable for any children who use their pool, whether they have permission or not. Homeowners insurance generally covers the pool itself. All homeowners policies cover any extraneous structures, such as a pool shed, and the carrier might consider a pool to fall under this category. Some might consider the pool to be an external structure, something detached from the home and is not considered covered under a policyholder’s personal property. This means you would need to purchase additional coverage for your pool.

The liability protection provided by home insurance policies coers pool related incidents. This includes any medical expense or

lawsuit as a result of a pool related injury or death. This coverage does exclude the policyholder and their household. If an accident occurs to the policyholder or their family they would need to file a health insurance claim to cover the medical costs associated with an injury or pay out of pocket.

Safety Measures

Here are some safety measures to help you keep your children safe around trampolines and pools. Children under the age of five should not be allowed to play on the trampoline. Make sure there is always adult supervision when children are playing on the trampoline. Make sure children do not attempt any gymnastics exercises or stunts, such as somersaults or flips. Keep your trampoline in a fenced area to ensure that no unsupervised children are able to jump without supervision.

Pools can be dangerous as well. Here are ways you can keep everyone safe and ensure a good time. Never leave a child unattended in or near the water. Make sure children are given swimming lessons so they can learn proper swimming techniques and safety procedures. Make sure that your pools drains have well fitting drain covers. Also make sure to install proper barriers, covers, and alarms around the pool. Make sure at least one adult knows how to perform CPR on children and adults.

Wishing you and your family a fun filled and safe summer from our family at Southern Insurance. If you have any questions or concerns about trampoline or pool liability or safety measures give us a call or contact us on our website at (423) 296-0626 or

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