Winter Pet Safety

Tuesday January 19th, 2021

Winter, like any other season, comes with its own unique perils that can potentially put a pet’s safety at risk. Just about anyone you ask would tell you that their pet is a part of their family. At Southern Insurance we feel the same way. In fact, because we care about our little furry ones so much we wanted to share our best tips for ensuring they remain safe during the colder months.

Know Your Dog's Limits

Similar to the heat in the summer months, cold weather can be very taxing on animals! Some pets are more susceptible to the cold than others. That being said, remaining cognizant about what is too much for your pet is important. If your pet is older, has health issues, or a thin coat try to limit their time in extreme weather like snow, sleet, or cold rain. If they can tolerate it a winter jacket or coat is a good option to keep the elements away from your pet. Some pets like dogs and cats can even wear shoes specifically made to protect them when roaming outside! Even with these added protections, use your best judgement. If you’re cold chances are they are cold as well!

Check Around Your Car

A good habit to keep during the winter is checking all the small areas in and around your vehicle. Cats and other small animals find small, protected, warm places like these for safety from other animals and the harsh conditions outside. Before turning on your vehicle make sure to look inside your wheel wells and under the hood of your car. If you don’t want to come face to face with any unknown fury creatures you can also banging on the hood of your car or honk your horn. Do this a couple of times to ensure everyone is awake and has time to evacuate the inner workings of your vehicle.

Provide Outdoor Shelter

All though most pets get to share the shelter of the indoors with their humans during the winter months, this is just not possible for all pets! For whatever reason, if you pet cannot come inside when it's cold outside make sure to provide them a well made shelter to get out of the elements. Shelters should block the wind, keep out snow and rain, and ideally allow a safe spot away from other animals. Shelters should also include a source of water and food. Keeping warm burns a lot of energy!

Humans and their pets share a special relationship. One that involves communing in different ways other than speaking. Keep this in mind this winter when it comes to looking out for your animals. Though they can’t talk to you they still have needs!

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